Do you need to use a document abroad? Or are you in possession of a foreign document and you need to use it in the UK? In any of these two situations you will need Apostille or Legalisation to verity such a document. This is done by attaching a special certificate to the document called Apostille Stamp.


Apostille Services Include

What is an apostille?

An apostille is a certificate stamped or attached to a document that needs to be verified for use in another country then the one where it was issued. The presence of the certificate shows the document is true and legitimate. It also shows that the document was issued by a government authority empowered to issue that particular type of document.
Apostille reduces the number of document certifications. Apostille is just one certificate. If the apostille certification cannot be made due to the fact that the other country did not enter into the Hague Convention on Apostille, then TWO certifications are required.
If country is not member of Hague Convention on Apostille, then documents need to be certified by government officials of both countries, the foreign country and the UK.

How it works?

Everything starts by first checking if your document is prepared for legalization. Your document  might not be ready to be submitted for apostille if:

  • Your document needs to be certified first by a solicitor or notary public and it is not
  • An official certified copy of the document might be necessary and you don’t have it
  • You might need the original document and you sent us copies (NOT all copies of documents can be apostilled)

Form and Fees

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  • Indicate the number of apostilles (or contact us for special terms with more than 5)
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Which documents must be apostilled?

  • Academic or school records such as diplomas, school degrees or transcripts.
  • Notary documents such asnotarized copies and signatures, affidavits, sworn statements and depositions sworn before a notary.
  • Corporate and business documents such as articles of organization, power of attorneys and other corporate documents.
  • Criminal and police records such ascriminal record certificates, police certificates and other such records.
  • Court documents such as decisions or letters of administration.
  • Land transfer documents.
  • Personal documents such as birth, marriage, divorce and death certificates or consent for children to travel.
  • If you need to verify if the document you need is acceptable for apostille just contact us to find out for sure.

Apostille Sample


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After evaluating if your document is prepared for legalization we will give you the best professional advice on how to go about getting an apostille based on your particular situation. If necessary, we can help you get your documents or copies certified for a small additional fee.

When your documents are ready we are personally submiting them for apostille at the Foreign Commonwealth Office (FCO) and then send them to your as fast as possible via first class post. For an addictional fee, we can also deliver your documents by courier, via international airmailor as special delivery.

If you have the document which needs to be apostilled, send it to us, either to our London office or overseas office.

Tel: +44 20 3514 0040
Fax: +44 20 3514 0085
email: info@etuls.com

If you do not have the document, which needs to be apostilled, call us: +44 20 3514 0040 or email us: info@etuls.com, we can arrange it for you.

Which countries allow apostille?


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The usual time for obtaining an apostille is two days. You must also consider the time you need to obtain the documents you need for the apostille, either we are talking about diplomas, birth certificates or articles of incorporation. If you need an apostille from abroad you also need to take into consideration the time involved in mailing the document.
Just contact us through our Contact Form or order our services online.
The process of legalisation is a little more complicated because it requires two or more certifications. One of these is always issued by government authorities from the country where the document originated and the second needs to be attached to the document by consular offices of the country where the document will be used.
The legalisation process takes usually at least three days, and if you need legalisation from abroad, you need to also consider shipping time.

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Why us?

For over 30 years we have been offering the best professional secretarial services, business formation services and apostille services to all our clients. Today, our leading apostille service is taking the next step as part of our strategic expansion plan and forming a separate entity registered in England and Wale. For you, our clients and the quality of our services.

Choose Us!

We are faster and more efficient because we are closer and more experienced. Our headquarters are based in Central London, near the Foreign & Commonwealth Office and numerous Embassies& Consulates. Because we don’t pay the delivery of your documents to courier companies, you don’t pay it either. Your documents are being delivered personally to the FCO or embassy with guaranteed privacy and speed.

Save your time and money

We are here to save your time and money and this is why we are the best option for people who need to get documents legalized on a daily basis, such as accountants or solicitors. No matter who you are and how often you need legalized documents, you will always save time and money with our apostille service. Thinking about hiring a solicitor or taking up the legwork yourself? Think again. There is a better option. We are fast, experienced and registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office so our services fully comply with the UK’s Data Protection Act.

How an urgent matter is handled?

For us every documents is urgent and every client is the most important. Because we have the resources to solve every problem extremely fast. Save time and money and order your documents online. It is the most efficient way and your order will be dealt with promptly. If your documents are very urgent, just walk into our office during business hours. One of our experts will personally take your documents and include them into the same-day apostille service. When the apostille is ready you will be notified to come and take your documents. If you think you can’t make it to our office, email or send us your documents by post.

Who uses our apostille & legalization services?

You might need to use our apostille and legalization services if you are:

  • Living in UK and you need personal documents legalizedfor use in a foreign country
  • An UK registered business planning to open a branch or subsidiary in a foreign country or to undertake contracts in another country and therefore you need some of the company documents legalized.
  • An overseas employerplanning to hire qualified graduates of UK universities that needs to verify the authenticity of the certificate provided by your candidates.
  • An UK graduate/resident seeking a job overseas that needs an apostille stamp on his/her certificates.
  • A solicitor or accountant in need of prompt apostille services.

What benefits do you have in using our services?

You don’t need to waste time making appointments and travelling between solicitors to find the best offer.
Why spend £40, £50 or even more getting a solicitor to put his signature on your document when with us it costs just a few pounds and we also save you travel costs?
Everybody at the FCO knows our team of solicitors. This makes everything go a lot faster.
We do it all: check, certify, legalize and attest. You just get on with your daily work.

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