The best way how to obtain and protect your trademark beyond the territory of the EU and the US in more than three countries is the registration of international trademark under the Madrid Agreement and its Protocol. Within one application you can file for trademark registration in all states of the Madrid system without paying a single national fees in each country.

Less than three countries: If you register a trademark in one to three countries, it is usually cheaper to register through national Intellectual Property Offices.
More than three countries: If you register a trademark in more than three countries (outside the EU and the US), it is cheaper to file through one international application under the Madrid Agreement and the Protocol.

International trademark may be registered with the International Bureau in Geneva based on the previous national registered trademark. The applicant may enforce the right of priority from the national trademark application. The application for an international trademark should be filed within six months from the application of a national trademark.

How long does it take to register international trademark: 6-12 months

The registration process: After filing the international trademark application, individual national authorities may ask for additional documentation concerning the identity of the applicant or the future owner, or they may ask for apostille to evidence proper company formation of applicant entity or demonstration of use of the trademark in business.