F1 visas are temporary non-immigrant visa that allows foreign students to study at the high school, college, university or other type of educational institution in the US. Foreign students who wish to attend English language training in the United States may also apply for such visa.

J1 visas allows the holder to attend a university exchange program in the USA. J1 visa is for university students for the length of the university degree program. While on J1 visa, students are also allow to engage in certain part-time work activities. Spouse and unmarried children under 21 years may apply for derivative visas (type J2) to join their partner/parent in the USA. These relatives are entitled to study in the USA, and also can obtain a work permit. In order to obtain J1 visa, applicant must  be accepted  by a particular school or educational institution in the USA. Applicants must demonstrate that they have sufficient financial resources for the entire duration of the course or study.

M1 visas are temporary student visas that allow foreign students to study at the college or university. Foreign students who wish to attend English language training in the U.S., may also apply for visas M1.