EU trademark or community trademark is the trademark of the European Union and it’s valid in each and every member state of the EU (including accessing states). Costs for registration of the community trademark are significantly lower than costs for registration of the trademark in every EU member states separately. The registration office for the EU trademark is Office for harmonization of internal market (OHIM) based in Spain. You just need to submit one application with OHIM and, if registered, the trademark is valid in every EU member state. Similarly as in the UK, You can register EU trademark for one or more classes of goods and services that are divided into 45 categories. EU trademark is valid only for registered classes that were chosen and paid for. The application fees covers three classes but you can chose to register EU trademark for more or less classes.

Community trademark has unitary character. It means that it is valid in the territory of all member states of EU and it can be registered, transferred, revoked or declared void also only for all member states of the EU. In worst case, it can be banned also for the entire territory of the European Union.