Protect your name or brand. Learn more about trademark.


Trademark rights are much more “stronger” than “mere” protection under the Common Law. More specifically, trademark rights can be enforced if the rights are violated by counterfeiting. Further, in litigation registered trademark facilitates evidentiary situation in infringement cases.
The trademark gives you right to use the symbol (R) with your brand or logo. Logo marked with (R) or (TM) shows to customers and competitors, who has the privileged position.
Based on your territory reach, you can decide whether to register UK Trademark, EU Trademark, US Trademark, International Trademark.
Coca Cola (word)
„Just Do It“ for Nike (phrase)
Google (word)
Mercedes (word)
Berries in logo Blackberry (image)
Mercedes „Tripod“ (image)
Apple (combination of word and image)
pink color used by the company T-mobile (color)
specific shape of the Coca Cola bottle (design)
specific ringing tone from T-mobile (sound)